What is Flexi Bag Installation?

Flexibag, also known as flexitank, is a specially custom soft, high-strength, light-weight single-use large bladders with valves.
It is designed to fit inside general cargo standard 20 foot container. Flexibag is used for the bulk transportation of non-hazardous liquids that are not classified or regulated as dangerous goods.

The common cargo includes oil, wine, diesel, palm oil etc.

  • Flexibag capacity from 14m3 to 24m3 used for standard 20ft container
  • Temperature range from -20℃ to +80℃
  • For transporting or storing non-hazardous and food grade liquids
  • Single or multi-layered food grade PE and PP layers
  • Resilient bulkhead system with optimal operator safety and reliability
  • Environmental friendly single-use design
  • Anti-oxidation protection is available for wine transport